An Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Ethics, Management, Morality Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Lael Matthews takes one of managerial positions in the company . She faces the need to promote one of her subordinates . She has chosen the three potential candidates for the promotion . Liz is an African American , who is a single mother and has a child . Liz is extremely energetic , her performance can be called mediocre , and she had some problems with managing her staff . Roy is a 57-year-old white , who has spent the last 20 years with this company . He is not very energetic , but he has been able to produce several top sales performers . Quang Yeh is a 27-year-old single Asian , who is highly ambitious and is known for her meticulous management style . She is extremely hard-working , and there seems to be nothing that could stop her from achieving her goals Issues

Lael cannot definitely determine whom of the three candidates she would like to choose for promotion . From both moral and ethical perspectives all three deserve promotion and possess their strengths and weaknesses Each of the discussed candidates has already significantly contributed into improving the overall company 's performance . Lael is also a subordinate she has to listen to the opinions and recommendations of her senior management . It appears that each senior manager and supervisor is interested in promoting someone from the discussed list of candidates . The situation becomes even more complicated because to choose one specific candidate will mean to underestimate the other two and probably to break the expectations of some senior managers in terms of these two candidates Alternatives

Lael has to make a proper choice . Several ethical theories will be helpful in discussing possible decision-making alternatives . To start with , we should pay attention to what deontological ethic recommends "In a deontological system of ethics the consequences of an action are generally irrelevant to moral assessment . Rather , morality comes about from a rational agent 's recognition of its...
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