An Essay on the Play" Fences" Talking About Two Main Characters Troy and Rose's Responsibility to Each Other

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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DeShield 1
An Analysis of the play ”Fences”
“Fences” is a remarkable play, brilliantly put together by playwright “August Wilson”.It is set in the 1950s. From the beginning the mood of the play is set. ‘Fences” explores the evolving African-American experience and highlights hardships, responsibilities, struggles, lack of love and survival. Two of the main characters”Troy” and his wife “Rose” have been married for eighteen years and have a responsibility to each other as husband and wife. The main theme in this essay is the responsibility that ‘Troy has to his community, himself, his wife and children. Rose also has a responsibility to her husband, children, and herself. The Oxford American Dictionary defines the word responsibility as one who is reliable, trustworthy, dependable, ethical, honest, important and leading. Some of these traits are seen in both “Troy” and “Rose” “Fences” was written with a historical background that goes back to slavery which existed from ancient times well into the modern period. In parts of the world, slavery conditions still exist today. None of that changes the fact that American slavery is the great paradox of American history. Slaves had evolved into a permanent lifetime of servitude, from which there was no escape, by the voluntary manumission on the part of the owner, which was not likely to occur. The daily life of slaves was hard. They were given bare essentials for life; a place to sleep, clothing, enough food to keep them healthy enough for work. Luxuries of any kind were virtually unknown; they worked six or seven days a week for most of the daylight hours. If, a slave survived he would become free. (Slavery in the Colonial World 1). Troy never saw freedom from slavery of his father as he left home at the tender age of fourteen on a journey to survive. DeShield 2

The play highlights “Troy Maxson” as an outspoken, bold person who stands up for what he feels is right, on behalf of his colleagues, sons and brother. One...
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