An Essay on the Life of Satyajit Ray

Topics: Satyajit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore, Sukumar Ray Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: September 28, 2011
tyaYou have to write a theme paper on any creative person past/present from India or abroad in any filed. The paper should be of introspective, original and innovative in nature not more than 5000 words. You must analyse the nature of creativity, drivers of creativity, multidimensional learning, if any in the person chosen by you besides highlighting learning for you from this person. Hard copies must be submitted to me in person on August 19 and 20 as per the schedule to be announced in the course web and there will be a brief interview on the theme paper at the time of submission. As you know theme paper carries 40 marks

Prof. C. Panduranga Bhatta.
Satyajit Ray
“I have admired his films for many years and for me he is the filmic voice of India, speaking for the people of all classes of the country... He is the most sensitive and eloquent artist and it can truly be said in his case that when we honor him we are honoring ourselves.”

- Elia Kazan
Film Director, 1991
It’s really difficult to capture Ray’s versatility and ingenuity in a small scope. He was not only a legendary filmmaker but also an extraordinary painter, litterateur, musician, photographer, cinematographer, magazine editor, shooter and many more. What I have tried is to represent Ray and his life in an imaginary interaction with the master himself. This writing is purely based on fiction and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

‘The ghost dance’ – the psychedelic dance number from the first ‘Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’ movie constituted various classical as well as folk dance sequences not only from India but also from across the world. In just 7 minutes – it showed the different era and transition periods in Indian History – the Raja, Maharajas fighting amongst them, The emergence of the British as the new Rulers, the birth of the ‘ ‘Babu’ culture, the struggle of...
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