An Essay on the Contexts of Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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An essay on the contexts of Blade runner by Ridley Scott, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. “Frankenstein”- the story of a scientific experiment, a human like creature, rejected by its creator and reaping revenge. “Blade runner”- A population of genetically designed artificial humans created for the sole purpose of labour on off world colonies, escaped to Earth and on the run. After hearing that introduction one would not suspect that these two texts share many similarities in meaning, context, morals or even techniques. But they in fact share many likenesses; you just have to look at them from the correct perspectives. Both texts are based on artificially created knowledgeable organisms; Frankenstein’s creation and Tyrell’s replicants. Both these creatures are seen as inhuman, in a way criminal, and completely misunderstood and rejected by human society. They both try to live their lives, even If that may not be possible. So as a result of their misfortune and mistreatment, pursue the act of revenge on their creator, and in doing this directly or indirectly case the suffering of other characters. There are also similar themes shared between the two texts. The theme of ‘creator vs. the created’, the creations being ‘more human than human’, ‘rise of technology’, ‘man attempting to play god, and the consequences it can have’, even ‘romance’. But it isn’t a coincidence that these two texts share so many similarities. Regardless that they were written practically a century apart, some of their contextual inspirations and influences are similar as many of these issues remain constant throughout history, just with slight alterations and approaches. Texts tend to reflect the changing values and perspectives of the period in which they were written. This is portrayed in the 19th Century gothic novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly, and the 20th Century futuristic film “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott through the use of literacy and film techniques, and the influences of...
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