An Essay on the Challenges of Network Society

Topics: Sociology, Internet, Manuel Castells Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: May 20, 2008
Introduction: A network society is a society where the key social structures and activities are organized around electronically processed information networks. The Internet is indeed a technology of freedom-but it can free the powerful to oppress the uninformed, it may lead to the exclusion of the devalued by the conquerors of value. Castells describes a number of challenges, which he argues will "affect us all in a very fundamental way" . Freedom: The first challenge of the network society is the challenge of the freedom itself. Internet networks provide global free communication for every-thing but the infrastructure of the networks can be owned, access to them can be controlled and they can be biased. This is appropriate especially in politics. The Internet is very frightening to many governments because it's an inherently democratic medium, so the first reaction is to reach out and control it. Exclusion from the network: Another major challenge, opposite to the first challenge freedom of network, is exclusion from the network. In global economy and network society most things are dependent on internet based network. Network society include only what is interesting from the point of view of the values or sources of interest that program this network. The global capitalist network will include in the network companies, countries, regions, people, that enhance the value of this network in money-making terms. People who don't have this value, don't have the education, don't have the infrastructure, don't have the institutions, live without these networks which provide them with everything and capture any wealth from anywhere through processing everywhere. At the same time, if they cannot actually contribute to these networks, they are switched off. In my opinion exclusion from network may process not only by technological infrastructure and economic or intuitional obstacles but also by political obstacles especially in the last decade. Information procession...
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