An Essay on Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility Essay


It is not just a rare thing that I have demonstrated personal responsibility by making good use of ethical values and choosing the best available choices to lead my life whenever the opportunity presented its self. Somebody has to be an excellent time manager and attend college classes, so it may as well be me. I am going to ensure success in earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix by keeping focused on the ability to provide a college education for my children and a higher standard of living for my family, especially for my wife.

My Personal Responsibility
My wife and children are my responsibility to ensure my own success for providing the essential things in life. My children obtaining a college degree after graduating from high school is financially my problem. Just by attending the University of Phoenix I receive money paid to me every month by the government that I do not need, therefore I can put it in an education fund for her college expenses. By attending college myself, I am learning the niche and avenues of financial freedom to pay for college to help my children. For the longest time I have struggled to provide more than the necessities for my wife. Tightening the strings on the money bag has diverted positive cash flow into the savings account, which might otherwise be spent needlessly elsewhere. There does not happen to be a day that is not spent searching job postings to either further my career or seek other avenues of hopping into a better paying job closer to home. Personal Responsibility and College Success To be successful in earning a degree I have to be a better time manager and attend class. Time management has been my worst enemy because my attention gets diverted to other things easily and I often get sidetracked. By setting a regular routine for study time and time for other things, I will be able to have a...
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