An Essay on “Discuss the Problems of Plagiarism in Today’s Universities”

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  • Published : July 15, 2011
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An Essay on “Discuss the problems of plagiarism in today’s universities”

Many studies and evidences had already proved that students’ cheating is much more famous as well as today’s biggest problem in academic field. In recent years, a large group of students rely on the development of technology and availability of online resources. Instead of thinking critically and analyzing the subject matter to get conclusion they depend on online resources to use it on a wrong way, which is known as plagiarism. The word ‘Plagiarism’ has became a serious topic to discuss for higher education in this era. It is an academic dishonesty which is followed by many students who are unaware of academic ethics.

If plagiarism is a serious problem then what does it mean? Cameron (2008) stated that “plagiarism is dishonesty of worst kind: it is stealing other people’s thoughts and ideas”. Similarly, Easterby-Smith et al. (2008:50) cited in Saunders et al. (2008) defines plagiarism as presenting the work and ideas of other people and passing them off as your own, without acknowledging the original source of the idea used. Thus it can be explained as receiving an ownership on someone’s work without their permission and without giving any credit to them intentionally or unintentionally.

Kroger (2010) explains that a special plagiarism sub-set, or at least very much related, is ‘recycling’ or self-plagiarism. However, this term is illogical because plagiarism means to take something from others. This type of plagiarism is generally practiced by a student to submit the same assignment in different courses.

Most of the students run through plagiarism intentionally but some of them follow it unintentionally. On both ways plagiarism is punishable. Sometimes because of lack of appropriate knowledge about plagiarism students might be plagiarised. Thus there should be explicit discussion about the meaning and conditions for the plagiarism in different circumstances inside the...
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