An Essay Based on the Problems That Are Encountered by the Undergraduates of Tourism Management in Their Research Process:

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  • Published : February 14, 2011
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An Essay based on the problems that are encountered by the undergraduates of Tourism Management in their research process: This report has been prepared by one of the students (Rachel A.’I Anson) of Tourism Management The researcher try to explore the undergraduate student’s experiences of research mainly focusing on the matter of collection of topic, accessing and students responses to data collection problems. The article talks about the fence in the research process commonly encountered by undergraduate students of Tourism management while making their research project. I will discuss the purpose, objectives, method, findings in the coming paragraphs and give my conclusion and recommendation at the end. Initially, the undergraduate project is an important part of the academic program. The main purpose of such research are (by Hussey and Hussey,1997) diagnostic problem solving skills, active learning all the way through detection of a problem to be explored and accomplished, skills growth for independent research and application of academic knowledge. Furthermore, the process of research is better suggested by Ryan (1995:16) into 8 steps. The endeavors of the undergraduate project thus cover both academic and talents expansion. However, the undergraduate project seizes special value for both the tutor and the student. So, it is obvious from the research that the research methods courses are frequently integrated into the program to prepare students for their final project. As per the writer, the research topic is one of the most essential steps of the research process as it will have a manner on all the other steps of the research project. Its been observed that the students mainly stumble upon the problems of topic selection which comprises of personal interest, carrier goals and ease of access to primary or secondary data. Thenafter, the...
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