An Essay About Diabetes Mellitus

Topics: Diabetes mellitus, Carbohydrate, Blood sugar Pages: 4 (922 words) Published: January 5, 2013
An Essay
Written by Rexielyn Saldua de Luna
Submitted to Mrs. Veronica Dela Peña

Thesis Statement: Doctors and scientist think diabetes may be caused by viruses, a body’s abnormal immune response, and over eating. I. Types of Viruses that causes Diabetes:
a. Enteric virus
b. Coxsackie virus
c. Epstein-Barr virus
d. Cytomegalovirus
e. herpes virus
f. Mumps
g. German measles

I. Abnormal Immune Response like:
a. Slow healing of cuts and wounds
b. Excessive thirst
c. Excessive hunger
d. Frequent urination
e. Lack of energy
f. Shortness of breath
g. Dry, itchy skin

II. Over Eating some foods/drinks that causes Diabetes
a. Butter, Cheese, and condensed milk
b. Sweet foods
1. Chocolates
2. Desserts
3. Jam
4. Jelly
5. Cakes
6. Honey (in all forms)
7. Marmalade
c. Wines
d. Cokes or cola drinks ; and
e. Oily foods
f. Junk foods

What Causes Diabetes?
Diabetes is a serious lifelong disease. It is the seventh leading cause of death. Diabetes is a serious medical condition in which the body ignores or doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is used to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy the body needs. This is a disease that prevents the body from converting food into energy. Carbohydrates are normally changed into a simple sugar called glucose (a source of energy). Diabetes is a silent killer disease in which blood glucose level is above normal. Earlier diabetes was common among people in age 45 and above. But now-a-days young people including children are suffering from diabetes. Most of the people suffering from diabetes are overweight or obese. Around one third of people is not aware or can’t be diagnosed if they are suffering from diabetes until they are encountered with blurry vision or heart related problems. Thus it is important to know if you are suffering from diabetes. It...
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