An Essay About Critical Thinking I Wrote in 7th Grade.

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Mind Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Say you are at home watching TV, your stomach begins to growl, and all of a sudden, you see a McDonald’s commercial advertising their “Big Mac”; now all you want is the “Big Mac”. Why is it that you suddenly want this specific burger? As a society, we do not critically think about what it is we watch or see. This ignorance reflects on our decisions, and ultimately allows for corporations to control and manipulate all that we do. It also causes for most people to make quick and impulsive decisions. Having a lack of critical thinking affects society in a variety of ways. Without this way of thinking, we allow for powerful industries to control and manipulate us, as well as create many impulsive decisions.

Not critically thinking allows for “powerful” corporations to easily control us. The first indication of this is within the short story “Harrison Berguron”, by Kurt Vonnegut: in it was an example of a society that tried to eliminate critical thinkers in an attempt to create a utopia of equality. This would allow the government to control every aspect of living for these people. Within this society, the intelligent were forced to wear a handicap that limited their thoughts. This was explained in the following quote: “and George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had to wear little metal handicap in his ear. He was required to wear it by law.” (Harrison Burgeron, pg.1) The significance of the following quote shows you that no one in the utopia had the power to think for themselves. And those who did, cannot; thus having a complete society of no one being able to think that these handicaps would ruin the way everyone thinks as a whole. This would mean that as a society, we can easily be controlled without using our blessing of thinking. As showed in the following quote- “they were burdened with bird shot and slash weights, and were forced to wear masks.”(Harrison Burgeron, pg.1)- The people of this society would be forced to wear unnecessary burdens as...
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