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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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I know that there are many Epic Heroes in our world, and there are a few things that a person needs to qualify as an Epic Hero. These things are substantial courage, overwhelming strength, and the desire/drive for immortality. I know a lot of examples of Epic Heroes like Hercules and Perseus, but I’m going to try to write about someone that most people can kind of relate to. I’m going to use Tally Youngblood from Scott Westerfeld’s novel, “Pretties”, as an example.

Throughout the story Tally is strong. Even when she doesn’t seem to feel like it, she is dealing with all of the choices that she has to make. One would be the pendant that she has to activate for Special Circumstances. Or whether or not to tell David or Shay about the pendant, or about meeting with the Specials and Dr. Cable. I think she’s at her strongest point when she has to make the journey to the Smoke. Because she has to eat the same thing for like three weeks, plus she gets awakened by a burning forest all around her.

I also noticed that Tally is very courageous throughout the book. First of all, she has the courage to stand up to the Specials and Dr. Cable when they come to get her from the Smoke. Second of all, she decided to go on the three week trek to the Smoke with nothing but some obscure notes to tell her how to get there. And third, she must have had a huge amount of courage to just waltz into Special Circumstances and break her friends out like she was supposed to.

I don’t really think that Tally wants to be remembered and talked about forever about what she did during the novel, but I’m sure that anyone would want to be remembered forever. One thing that would qualify her for ‘immortality’ would be the pendant the Specials gave her. I mean, that would just be cool to talk with people about. Not to mention the insane sojourn she went on to get to the Smoke. Including huge gaps to jump across, freezing water, and a forest of burning white tiger orchids....
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