An Eon of Victory

Topics: 21st century, Medicine, England Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: February 9, 2013
An Eon of Victory
English and Century---2 words with different meaning but are related enough to make the new generation more productive. English language as the means of communication and Century, 21st Century where new discoveries were discovered.

As the 21st Century arises, English language plays very important roles in different fields. In education, technology, science and researches, medicine, and even in the government.

In education- books! Massive quantities of most popular and famous books of different writers and authors are written and published in English. Even English subject is a must in different countries all over the world.

As for technology, computers which have been part of our everyday life are also used in the medium of English language. If anyone has to be good and perfect in computer, has to be good in English. The seminars, conference, games, international programmed are transmitted in English and all the technical and science books are written in English language and become like the bridge that helps to communicate with each other and express their feelings in English when people of different community meet.

In science and medicine, English is truly the language for it. No other language offers such a wide scope for scientific studies and research in English. Without our mastery of English, we could not have easily used atomic energy for power generation and in engineering projects. English also plays its role in modern medicine and surgery, developed from worldwide studies and researches in different countries and language now make a tremendous store house of medical knowledge in English.

And in government, even English language is used. Like in transaction of international trade in different countries. When we go abroad either for study, business, or visit purpose, English language is required and is essentials that most of the products are introduced and instructed in English language. Even in applying for a job,...
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