An Environmental Upgradation

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Oxygen, Carbon monoxide Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: May 16, 2012
AN ENVIROMENTAL UPGRADATION: Hybrid Vehicles Propelled by Syngas Powered Wave-Disk Engines

The synergistic combination of syngas and wave-disk engine to propel hybrid vehicles seems to have the potentiality of killing five birds with one stone: clean fuel supply, greater energy security, carbon dioxide reduction, higher fuel efficiency and less climate change. The sun bathes the earth in more energy in an hour than civilization uses in a year. If scientists could convert even a fraction of that surplus into a liquid fuel, our addiction to fossil fuels for transportation, and the problem they cause, could end. Through a mirror arrangement is possible to concentrate sun´s rays and focus sunlight on rotating teeth of iron oxide or cerium oxide heating to 1,500 degrees Celsius. That heat drives the oxygen out of the rust and as the teeth rotate back into the cooler, dark side of the reactor, they suck oxygen back out of the steam or out of carbon dioxide that has been introduced into the chamber, leaving behind energy-rich hydrogen or carbon monoxide. The resulting mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is called synthesis gas or syngas, the basic molecular building block for fossil fuels. The process could also absorb as much carbon dioxide as is emitted when the fuel is burned. In the wave –disk design, the power generating process takes place inside a spinning turbine. It eliminates pistons and is only the size of a cooking pot. Engineers began studying wave-rotor machines as early as 1906 and they are already used in superchargers in some sports cars, nonetheless wave-rotor technology could be rather difficult to implement due to the highly complex unsteady gas flows, but the effort would pay off since this reduce mass and very high efficiency engine could propel plug-in hybrid vehicles with regenerative braking as much as five times further on the same amount of fuel. The proposal to develop a technological combination of sun fuel and wave-disk engines to...
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