An Enticing Advertising

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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An Enticing Advertising
Companies are constantly competing for the wider audience. We can not search the web, watch television, skim a magazine, or even drive down the street without in countering multiple ads, but do ads seem to be reveling more than they used to? A child could learn all about the birds and the bees, PMS, ED, and many other matters which were once only talked about behind closed doors from a single ad. (Chavez) It is no secret among advertisers that sex, being a world language, sells and is a perfect miens of grabbing the attention of the public, but how does society result from all of the exposure? Is all of the sexuality in the media really healthy for young viewers or older viewer for that matter? What alternatives are available which would not drastically affect company sales or have destructive effects on society? Though many companies have seen increased sales since the prominent use of sex as an advertising tool, new advertising tactics are showing better effects and have resulted in less problems than this seemingly outdated sales pitch. The reason the public finds sexual ads attractive may seem obvious, but the real motivation behind these the companies' methods is not always so clear. Ads which sell sex are often confused with ads selling beauty. So what is the difference? Some ads clearly promote sex and appeal to the public in a sexual way. For instance, condom commercials obviously promote intimacy. Pine-Sol also aired a commercial not too long ago in which Diane Amos is lying on a bed while a shirtless muscular man mops beside her. Other ads, however, like those of Victoria's Secret attract men on sex-appeal but are actually aimed at women. So what sells women on an ad displaying a sexy, curvy, bronze, female model? In these cases the motive is not to promote sexuality but an unrealistic image of perfection which the customer can become. (Simon) The object is to con the viewer into believing that if they buy the product they...
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