An Enemy of the People Henrik Ibsen’s Play

An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

In Henrik Ibsen’s Play, “An Enemy of the People”, readers learn about the difficulties one man can go through when dealing with the income of a town. Dr. Stockmann has to deal with what he believes is right even though his brother is willing to do anything to get him from doing the right thing. When the plot arises we learn that the “Baths”, the source of the town’s income, is corrupted with hundreds of thousands of Microorganisms. These Microorganisms wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that they were making all the tourists sick.

Dr. Stockmann does a bunch of studies that prove that the Microorganisms are existent and are making tourists sick. When Dr. Stockmann tells his brother about the problem in the baths, Mayor does all he can to get the success Dr. Stockmann has received with his new Discovery. As Dr. Stockmann’s brother gets all of his friends against him, he must rely on his family to help him get the word of his discovery out. Ibsen shows the truth of the story to be how far someone will go to protect their word. Even when Dr. Stockmann was told to take his word back or else there would be a war, he stood by it because he knew what he was going to do was right.

Even when his friends turned on him there was his family to keep him sane. When Mayor enters for the final time in the play, he gives his brother a dismissal. Along with Dr. Stockmann receiving a dismissal, his daughter Petra and the only person that stood by him that isn’t in his family, Captain Horster, also receive a dismissal. Even thought they lost their jobs the group doesn’t give up. Dr. Stockmann and Petra open up a school for young boys in the Captains house. The purpose of this school was to educate young males on the rights and wrongs.

Wither or not the group succeed we do not get to know, but the fact that they have gone through so much and stuck with their ideas proves that they will. Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” brings real...
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