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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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What is the Real Gender Gap in Pay?

The gender pay gap is defined as the difference between earnings of men and women in the work force. Men and women are both working full time job, may be the same position but still the man earns more for the same position.

John F. Kennedy has a New Frontier program which had signed in this program the Equal Pay Act of 1963, to limit the sex discrimination and take the maximum utilization of labor resources.

But still we found in 2011, women working full time earned 77 percent of what men earned, this gap has come down since the 1970s but still did not go away. We also found that in 2011, the pay gap in median weekly earnings was 18 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Some studies mentioned that the pay gap between male and females is because of personal choices; women tend to work as teachers, which are less in pay, than working in an office. Women want to balance between both lives, a worker who earns money and a mom who cares for her children and family.

At the state level, the pay gap was estimated by The American Community Survey (ACS) ( because it includes more households than the CPS. The Census Bureau began the ACS in 1996 as the successor to the “long form” of the decennial census. According to ACS data, in 2011 the pay gap was smallest in Washington, D.C., where women earned 90 percent of what men earned, and largest in Wyoming, where women earned 67 percent of what men earned.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been fighting for pay equity since 1913. They made some searches and studies to help the women get equal pay in the work force, one of their searches that 10 years after graduation, 23 percent of mothers went out of the workforce and 17 percent worked part time while for fathers, only 1 percent were out of the workforce, and only 2 percent worked part time.

Also age play a big role in the gender pay gap, as the gender pay gap also...
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