An Employee Perspective –How Feedback Effort the Performance and Motivation at H&M

Topics: Feedback, Negative feedback, Control theory Pages: 12 (3405 words) Published: July 9, 2011
An employee perspective –How Feedback effort the performance and motivation at H&M

This assignment aims to tackle the defect of Job Feedback in H&M. Job Feedback is a very important communication element for employee’s performance and motivation improvement. However, H&M avoid Job Feedback like the plague, especially for Part-time Workers. It is because manager usually gives feedback in a dysfunctional way, for instance, to hurt employee feelings and destroy their self-confidence. Alternatively, others give or request feedback to influence how people see them. This error communication situation confuses employees’ performance and motivation. Moreover, let the job feedback become useless and destroy the employee relationship. Therefore, this assignment is to find out the problem of H&M’s Job Feedback by using employee perspective. Moreover, enables employees to become more loyal to the company while they also work toward achieving their long-term career goals.

Keywords: Performance & motivation, Brainstorm, Job Feedback, EPAC

Introduction & Background
Feedback is an anomaly. People have a general sense that feedback is good to give and receive. Therefore, Immediate feedback is critical when we are learning, especially when we do not know what we do not know. Equally important are the attitude of the sender and recipient and the individual providing the critique (London, 2003). A good feedback will provide positive encouragement because they want to convey their genuine interest. When employees feel leadership has their best interest at heart, they are inclined to make corrections and more likely to modify their behavior. Most people want to perform well and they want to know when they are doing something incorrectly. They want constructive a positive feedback by the leader, and they appreciate criticism when it is present in a positive manner. Therefore, feedback is an essential ingredient of an employee development program because people use information about themselves to formulate their career goals, get better performance and motivation. H&M believe in being straightforward and apply the open door principle, which gives employee the right and opportunity to discuss work-related issues directly with management. However, in H&M Hong Kong, employee cannot search any good feedback to provide positive encouragement for their job, this situation shows very critical in the area of Part-time sales Advisor in Hong Kong. Managers are using less time to being seriously to the employee of Part-time sales Advisor. It is because the manager thinks they will not work as a long-term staff (less loyalty) and the role of Part-time staff is less important than the full-time staff. Manager tends to give less time to encourage them by using constructive feedback but Destructive feedback. Destructive feedback is abusive. Although the word “abusive” may seem extreme as a description of workplace behavior, it occurs, and can be destructive to employees’ performance, careers and self-esteem (Bassman 1992). Therefore, H&M Part-time employees are less receive any comment by their managers. Nonsensically, according to the HR Data of H&M at 2009, there are over a half (55%) of employees are Part-time in H&M around the world. mainly work as Part-time Sales- Advisor. Therefore, if the managers in Hong Kong keep ignore and use less time to encourage them by using constructive feedback. It might become a problem of affect the performance and motivation improvement. FIGURE 1 FULL AND PART-TIME EMPLOYEES 2009

H&M Style & Substance Sustainability Report 2009
Therefore, as a employee of H&M, I would like to suggest some useful ways to improve the lack of communication and feedback between manager and part-time worker. By using Brainstorming to collect a number of part-time employees’s ideas as a way of research methodology, and using EPAC (Y. K. Ip 2004) as a tool of analysis the research. To seek for a better communication...
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