An Efficient Iris Authentication Usin G Chaos Theory-Based Cryptography for E-Commerce Transactions

Topics: Iris recognition, Credit card fraud, Credit card Pages: 5 (1086 words) Published: March 7, 2013
E-commerce is an outcome of globalization and
technology outbreak of 21st century. Increasingly, more
products and services are sold over Internet; hence, there is a growing need for a combination of legislation and
technical solutions to globally secure customer privacy.
Credit card fraud is one of the crimes especially when it
is used for web-based transaction. In this paper, a
technical solution using Iris authentication technique is
proposed for protecting identity theft in e-commerce
transactions because Iris patterns are unique to an
individual. Further, this research proposes authentication
of e-commerce users by using Iris biometric technique as
one of the most secure biometric algorithms. Therefore,
this research proposes a web-based architecture which
uses a combination of Image Processing and secure
transmission of customers’ Iris templates along with
credit card details for decreasi ng credit card frauds over Internet.

1. Introduction

Shopping over the Internet is another alternative to
shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. Credit cards are the
primary means of payment for goods and services
purchased online. By means of credit card, its information
is transmitted over the Internet, which may not have the
same level of security as phone, mail, or fax. Security
issues are maybe the most important thing in online
shopping. Methods to ensure secure online payment by
credit card are therefore important to the success of
shopping over the Internet. In online transaction with
credit card, buyers want to be assured that the provided
information about credit card won’t be abused or stolen (a possible fraud). Credit card fraud on the Internet is a more pervasive problem. Anybody who has access to a credit
card number and expiration date can buy anything over
the Internet. On the other hand, neither party can be
certain of the other’s identity [1]. Credit cards were
designed to rely on physical signatures for authentication, a mechanism that is rendered useless in e-commerce. The
online purchaser does not have to present a physical card,

which may contain additional security features, e.g.
additional code numbers, photographs.
So the lack of authentication of online customers is perceived. To counter this th reat, the authentication of the buyer is essential. Authentication using biometrics is a
secure approach that can be proposed. In fact, biometric
technique is used for preventing identity theft and false
authentication. Recently, human Iris recognition is
recommended as approval of human identification. This
organ of the eye which is well protected from the external
environment is easily visible from within one meter of
distance. Iris recognition is now considered as one of the
best and most precise solutions to security problems for
human identification because it is the most unique feature
of every person which has been discovered by now [2].
So, Iris recognition can be used for authentication of
online customers.
This paper proposes a web-based architecture to use encrypted Iris pattern as biometric attribute for
authentication of a customer for e-commerce transactions
which includes a secure biometric template transmission
scheme and a high performance algorithm for Iris
recognition as human identification.

2. Proposed web-based architecture using
biometric authentication

This section which explains the proposed architecture
contains two subsections: Image processing and secure
template transmission scheme. In this paper, we are going
to decrease online credit card frauds using both biometric
template transmission scheme, as well as a new algorithm
which has proposed for Iris recognition.
In this research, a technical solution is proposed to
prevent credit card fraud in e-commerce transactions by
using an Iris...
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