An Effect of Service Quality Attributes Towards Vegnation (a Group of Cavin Kare): an Empirical Investigation

Topics: Fast food restaurant, Take-out, Types of restaurants Pages: 10 (3269 words) Published: January 20, 2013
AN EFFECT OF SERVICE QUALITY ATTRIBUTES TOWARDS VEGNATION (A GROUP OF CAVIN KARE): AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION -with special reference to Chennai zone G. Rethina Sivakumar, Guest Lecturer, Management Studies, Bharathidasan University Constituent College, Lalgudi. Trichy U. Jahir Hussain, Research Scholar, PG & Research Department of Commerce, Jamal Mohammed College, (Autonomous) Trichy – 20.

ABSTRACT The researcher carried out the study with an objective of finding out customer preference towards the service rendered by vegnation restaurant. The researcher carried out the study by framing a structured questionnaire covering the parameters of service quality (reliability, tangibly, responsiveness and assurance). Through the entry of restaurant business, they have a major plan of Rs.300 crore in restaurant chain business for the next three years. A descriptive research method was applied. The researcher used both the primary and secondary data collection method in the study and for this purpose the researcher framed a structured questionnaire to carry out the study. The researcher went with the convenient sampling in the study. The sample size is taken as 180 consumers’ in Chennai zone by the researcher to carry out the study.  Factor analysis  Regression Based on the analysis and interpretation major findings where arrived by the researcher in his study. The suggestions can be looked by the organization before effective expansion of spread in chain of restaurant business. Key words: Service quality, SERQUAL, Tangible, Reliability.

INTRODUCTION Restaurants are in the business of serving food to their customers. In other words, they are providing a product (food) and a service (waiting on the customer). The quality of the food and service is defined as meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customer as if promised by the restaurant. The food should be properly prepared and the service should be prompt and courteous. The benefit of quality food and service is that customers will come back and will recommend the restaurant to friends. Quality of food There is artistry in the preparation of food. Some food can be prepared to be delicious, while another recipe can make a dish that is repugnant. Whether the food is a gourmet meal, a chocolate chip cookie or a hamburger, the recipe can make it a hit or a miss. But note that taste of the food is not the quality of the food. The quality of a product is defined as whether it fulfills its stated and implied specifications. The customer expects the food to be what is promised on the menu, to be cooked and prepared properly, to be clean and to have the correct flavor. That is considered quality food. Quality of service Not only are people buying a meal in a restaurant, but they are also paying for a certain level of service. Quality service is typically that which is prompt and courteous. That is what customers expect. Exceeding those expectations with extra service is a plus and can overshadow mediocre food. There are many restaurants where the waiters and waitresses where not only friendly, but they were also entertaining. They might come up to your table and sing a song or play a musical instrument. The novelty of the extra service could bring in more business. Some high-end restaurants have one waiter dedicated to one customer. That gives the customer a feeling of extreme service. Of course, the cost of the meal is higher to compensate for the extra staff. Customers may accept poor service if the food is excellent. A famous example was the "Soup Nazi" episode on the Seinfeld television show where people lined up to have delicious soup in a specialty restaurant, but the owner was extremely rude and would refuse to serve those who did not abide by his rules. This was a take-off on an actual popular restaurant in New York City, where the soup was good but the owner was surly. But poor service can also discourage many customers from returning, even if the food is good....
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