An Awful Presentation

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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An Awful Presentation
A presentation has to be well planned, in-time, to the point, neat without errors, learning, and attention catcher, with less words and more pictorial if required with good examples. It has to be reachable and interesting to the audiences. That makes it most remembered. Likely, a presentation with all opposites too makes it most remembered as the most awful one attended. That reminds me of the most terrible presentation that I had attended during my course of study. It was a group presentation by my colleagues at my Graduate School back in 2009. It was supposed to be a presentation on the course subject – ‘National Economic Planning’ – discussing on any of the National Economic issues. It was a dreadful experience in every aspect which obviously had to lead them to failure of the course for the semester. Their presentation was on “The relevance of fiscal policies for economic progress of the nation – in favor or disfavor of the topic”. The group chose to present in favor of the topic that “The Fiscal policies favor the progress of a country”. There were too many faults and blunders in their presentation; to list them; 1) The very physical appearance – formal dressing was not to the point as a team. 2) Delay of 15 minutes right in the beginning.

3) Though started well, they lost the track of their ideology of their topic. 4) Also spoke on the irrelevance of the fiscal policies which was not their chosen topic. 5) Instead of bullet points and keeping it short on the slides, it was notes presented on the pages. 6) Though a video was run on the topic – being a good idea, their music didn’t play. 7) Two of the four speakers were two low in their tone to reach out to the audience. There are more faults to list down. Although, most important point that made it devastating was that the presentation time allocated was 15 minutes per group which exceeded by 20 minutes to those 15. Conclusion:

A presentation is...
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