An Attractive Analysis of Emporio Armani Ad

Topics: Man, Working class, Upper class Pages: 2 (899 words) Published: October 31, 2012
An Attractive Analysis of Emporio Armani ad

Josh Hartnett, an actor of several famous movies such as Black Hawk Down, was invited to act in a perfume ad of Emporio Armani’s Diamonds for Men. Josh seems like the strong handsome figure that would want to be captures by many people and captured many looks. He showed his handsome and elegant performance in this ad, which made this image more significant. This perfume advertisement whose target audience is towards upper class young men evokes strong feeling of elegant, luxury. It attracts those males who want to show their identities as rich or higher class men. With what is portrayed, we can easily find out which group of people this ad targeting. The first impression of its black and white picture, somehow it represents high cultural. A handsome man who is wearing nice suit stands in the crowded with a confidence smile. His short mustache makes audiences feel that he is such a clean and neat gentlemen. He looks young and sexy with his handsome appearance. Young female pull his white T-shirt trying to get his attention and the bodyguard protects him from people around. He is a sawed after figure by men and boys because of the sexual appeal that he has. There is this kind of image that he is portraying. His Hollywood star looking makes this character looks like an influential person in public not only to the age groups but to a fashion as well not only is he looking in style he is having one of his own by creating an ora of his smell. All of these features are demonstrated above and come to one conclusion, that is, this ad aims at upper class springal. It is his charming and energetic looking as a model of males born in 80s and 90s. So this group of people has more interests in this ad and the brand of this ad. In a word, this is why those people can be considered as the target audience of this ad. Besides what we have seen in this image, think about what we can feel from our first thoughts. Presenting a...
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