An Assignment on the Hrm Strategic Impact on the Royal Mail

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The essay is about the Universal postal firm in United Kingdom named the “Royal Mail” and its Human Resource Management Strategy and policies from 2005-2010. The essay starts with an Introduction and includes certain other factors which are mentioned below including its Competition, credit crunch and the measures taken by the Royal Mail to face all these Obstacles.


Royal mail is the United Kingdom's national postal service which was established in 1516 by Henry VIII and was made available to the public in 1635 by Charles I. The GPO was Officially established by Charles II in 1660. Presently the Royal mail is having its operations all over UK as well as in International areas having more than 176000 employees. Royal mail do have the following services like:- Parcel service

Letter service
Airmail service
Business support services
First class service
Weekend service
Money transfers
Online supports and International postal services

The Royal Mail is the subsidiary firm of the “Royal Mail Group LTD”. According to the Royal mail, “its highly skilled employees are its assets and the customers are the life blood of the firm”. The main points which are covered in this essay are:-

Monopoly of the Royal Mail
Royal Mail's three strategic levels
Corporate Strategic Responsibility
Human resource strategy (Definition)
Human Resource Management Strategy and Policies between 2005-2010 Swot Analysis
New Human Resource strategy of the Royal Mail
The Royal Mail's response to the Competition and to the recent Credit Crunch Conclusion
10. Bibliography

1.Monopoly of the Royal Mail:-

The Royal Mail enjoyed its Monopoly for 350 years which ended by the year 2006. The post comm gave the first license to a firm named “Hays” which emerged as a first competitor to the Universal postal service firm. The VAT exemption for the Royal Mail favoured the Royal Mail in the beginning but the increase in the number of the rivals like the TNT, DHL, UKMAIL etc made the Royal Mail to loose its market share from 99% in 2006 to 70% in 2010. The research studies says that the postal industry is growing and do have a good future but the entry of more rivals made the Royal Mail to loose the volume of mails and control over the UK postal market industry.

2.The Royal Mail do have three levels of strategies:-
They are:-

Corporate level Strategy -which deals with the overall organization. Ex: Geographical regions, Market selection. The Corporate level strategy of Royal mail is designed in such a way that it shows their ability to cope with the market changes in a positive and negative manner. Business level strategy is supported by the Corporate level strategy of the Royal mail and the way it positions itself to gain a competitive advantage. Functional level Strategy- The Finance, Human Resource Management, Production, Marketing, Research and Development comes under this section. The Administration of the Royal Mail includes series of committees like The Audit and Risk committee, The Management board, Pensions committee, Remuneration committee, Nomination committee and Social and Responsibility Committee. Royal mail do have a view to make their corporate Strategic responsibility to become a part of their strategic management process. 3. Corporate Strategic responsibility includes:-

Being workers said to be the assets of the firm, Royal Mail takes good care of their workers and regarding the working conditions too. The support of the workers from the workplace forms the backbone of the Royal mail. The management deals with the workers in a more friendly manner without any kind of discrimination. To make its actions designed to have a strong positive effect on its workers, customers and to its suppliers. Achieve a net zero carbon footprint by...
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