An Armed America Is a Safer America

Topics: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States, Gun politics Pages: 8 (2940 words) Published: November 30, 2012
An Armed America is a Safe America

America was founded with the help of guns; they have been a part of families for generations. The framers of the Declaration of Independence and the framers of the Constitution also thought that a citizen of the United States should have the right to own guns. The framers were passionately devoted to the idea that a self-sufficient armed citizenry is the best means of preserving liberty. The ownership of guns has been a part of the American people’s life since its foundation. Therefore people should be allowed to own guns, while being properly trained to use them correctly and safely. Young 5

The constitution guaranties our rights and protects them. The second amendment protects the right of a citizen to bear arms, for any purpose, whether it be for protection or recreational purposes. This amendment has been protected by the Bill of Rights since its formation on Dec. 15, 1791(Cohen 42). Support for the second amendment came from the following founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Patrick Henry. All of which supported the ratification of the Bill of Rights, which included the second amendment. Since the bill of rights was ratified, laws have been passed in order to regulate and control the ownership of firearms. Some of the laws that were passed are still in rule today, while others were thrown out and found unruly. Such as the following, in 1837 when the state of Georgia tried passing a law banning handguns, citizens found it unconstitutional and it was thrown out (Froman). After a few weeks it was found that this law was unconstitutional and was thrown out. Over the course of history, laws have been established to regulate the ownership of firearms and to create a safer country. The ownership of firearms has allowed people to lead many different ways of life. Ways such as that of a hunter or trapper. In the past this was a person’s way of making a living, and the gun was an essential tool for the job. The gun was initially invented around the time of about 1100 ad. Humans have hunted and trapped with the use of guns, in order to get food and furs to trade. Also guns were used for home security, against people and wild animals. “Americans have had guns hanging over their hearths or in their bedrooms to protect their house and children from criminals and wild animals” (Nugent 28). The police or nations militia, National Guard, was believed to be a major part of the forming of the constitution. Private ownership of firearms was considered essential, to protecting the country from foreign threats and to protect against excessive government power. Even in the declaration of independence, it states that if a form of government becomes unlawful, that it is the people’s job to remove the government of its power. The people have the right to use force if necessary. Young 6

The need for firearms and there uses has been made a household tool, across the nation. Since the creation of firearms, people have used them for the protection of their home and family. Even today, the markets and use of guns for self-defense are bigger than ever .Ninety percent of all police reports, say that there was a gun was used and self- defense was the purpose (Nasso 89). The number of times a firearm is used for self-defense in this country can range from 1.5 million to 3.4 million each year (Nasso124). Anti-gun officials state that the use of firearms is not needed for self- defense, because that is the jobs of the police and professional law enforcement to handle violent events. In a study performed by John Lott, by the time a police officer arrives on scene, a crime has already been committed or averted. The study also showed that just the sight of a firearm stops about ninety-five percent of all crimes (Nasso56). Carrying concealed allows more citizens to be armed, but it also means that they themselves are trained to safely use the firearm. According to Larry Pratt, citizens who have...
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