An Approach to Information Security Management

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An Approach to Information Security Management

By | August 2011
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An Approach to Information Security Management

Anene L. Nnolim, Annette L. Steenkamp
College of Management Lawrence Technological University

Abstract This paper reports on part of a doctoral dissertation research project in information security management. The intent of this research is to attempt to determine how information security management could be enhanced as a structured and repeatable management process, and to develop an appropriate architectural framework and methodology that could enable integration of information security management with enterprise life cycle processes. Over the years, the focus of information security has evolved from the physical security of computer centers to securing information technology systems and networks, to securing business information systems. The proliferation of computer networks and the advent of the Internet added another dimension to information security. With the Internet, computers can communicate and share information with other computers outside an organization’s networks and beyond their computer center. This new mode of communication meant that the existing security model was inadequate to meet the threats and challenges inherent in this new technology infrastructure. A new model of information security management is needed to meet the security challenges presented in this new environment. This has motivated the focal area of this research in information security management. Part of meeting this new challenge could also include the resurrection of risk as an important component of information security management. The results of this research would be important to any organization with a need for a secure business environment. The research results will also be important to individuals responsible for managing information security in their organizations, as well as to senior executives and members of corporate boards of directors, because of their increased statutory responsibilities to secure various...

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