An Application of Sms Technology for Customer Service Centre

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Text messaging Pages: 9 (1835 words) Published: January 27, 2013
2009 International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition

An Application of SMS Technology for Customer Service Centre 1

Ariff Idris, 2Abd. Samad Hasan Basari, 3Nur Hanisah Zubir,

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
Locked Bag 1752, Pejabat Pos Durian Tunggal, 76109 Durian Tunggal Melaka, Malaysia
1,, Abstract - SMS technology is designed originally as a
communication tool between a service provider and its
users. However in the last few years this technology has
allowed users to communicate among them. The vast
growth of mobile technology is also one of the elements
that help in utilizing this technology. Users are able to
get very fast information anywhere. In order to utilize
this technology, CeS-LAP is developed to improve the
current services provided by Lembaga Air Perak
(LAP). This system is aimed at providing better
complaint system, customer information system and
expectantly an alternative way for customer to check
their unpaid bill.

for each service centre, zone or district also via SMS
to fix the problem. Besides that, this system also
allows customers to perform bill checking via SMS
as well as website. This system will also provide
information of LAP services to the customers via
This project is basically about developing a
system that allow LAP customer to makes complaints
easier and help LAP to manage all the complaints
faster and effective via SMS and web. This system
can be used by anybody that has accessed to internet
and hand phone. The system is expected could eases
and satisfies LAP customer.

Keywords – SMS; mobile phone; customer service center



Generally there are numbers of different
approaches provided by information technology to
support information mobility. One of them is through
the use of mobile phone technology. Currently there
are number of technologies and standards emerging
in the mobile phone area, such as AMPS (Advanced
Mobile Phone Services), GSM (Global System for
Mobile Communication), GPRS (General Packet
Radio Service) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple
This paper discusses on the project namely CeSLAP (Customer Service Center for Lembaga Air Perak) that is developed to be used by LAP. LAP is a
semi-government organization in Perak which is
responsible in managing the water supply service and
distribution for Perak citizens. However LAP has
only had a hotline number for their customers to
make a complaint. Thus, Ces-LAP is developed to
improve its current services.
This system enables customers to make a
complaint or report on any problem that should be
solved by LAP via SMS or browsing through the
website. Customers can make their complaints or
report when they spotted any pipe burst, stolen water
meters, disconnection of water supply and any other
related problems. The administrator will determine
the location of the existing problem when the system
receives complaint from the customer. Then, the
system administrator will instruct LAP staffs on duty

978-0-7695-3879-2/09 $26.00 © 2009 IEEE
DOI 10.1109/SoCPaR.2009.124

Figure 1. Flow chart of CeS-LAP

There are several researchers that have developed
GSM with SMS for certain applications. For
example, see [2], [4], [5], and [6]. In the next
paragraphs, a brief discussion about GSM and SMS
technology will be explained.
GSM is a cellular phone protocol that is popular
in many parts of the world, and is a chief competitor

to the CDMA protocol in the United States. In fact,
for those who have CDMA phones they may find
their cellular phones will not work outside United
States. The GSM mobile phone standard is more
popular in many places, simply because the standard
has been established and was considered by many to
be superior to CDMA, at least initially....
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