An Antagonist in an Absurd World: “the Stranger” by Albert Camus

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Sophomore Composition
RR Outline and Draft four
Ms. Gretchen Lee
Rain Liu
11th June, 2012

Outline of Existentialism of Camus –L’Étranger (The Stranger)
I. Introduction with thesis statement
By analysing the elements of absurdity and tragic antagonism of modern antihero Meursault in the classic masterpiece “L’Étranger”, general readers can better grasp the ideas of existentialism, moreover, to even take some times pondering our own solitary situation and existence in this world.

II. Body Paragraph
A. the absurdist philosophy of the “L’Étranger”
i. the confrontation of inner and outer world
ii. Muersault’s realization of absurdity as a foreseer
B. the tragic antagonism and alienation - antihero
i. the sense of not feeling remorse
ii. not giving satisfying answers as rebel
III. Conclusion
Camus created a character that realised the truth of existence and truth as a soothsayer, and to examine to moral value and existence of philosophy realm. Therefore, it is the reason why The Stranger becomes a classic and haunts in general readers’ heart for many decades. Everyone is an innate “stranger”, and by reading “The Stranger”, we can face up to our solitary, absurd scenarios through our lives.

Rain Liu
Ms. Gretchen Lee
Sophomore Composition D
11th June, 2012

An Antagonist in an Absurd World: “The Stranger” by Albert Camus
“Why do I exist in this world?” This question might be quite common or ordinary to every individual who exists. However, few of these people seldom, even never pondered this before. Many people tried to solve this question through every different realm, such as science, history, biology…. eventually, to the origin of all kinds of knowledge, philosophy. In philosophy, the reason why we exist has always been a vital issue all the time even since human were created. It’s seems like the question had already been withdrew ever since human kind started to perceive their own ego to realise they indeed “exist”. Therefore, there is the “existentialism”, a study which inspects the existence of human in the world from any kind of aspect. As it showed in his works, Albert Camus, an existentialist philosopher, along with these studies, made his own claims toward our perception and value of existence, which is “the absurdity”. (Camus) What the absurdist represents is not literally “absurd”. It indicates the existence of matters has no reason to be found, and everything is just the collection of coincidence. The truth is, people live in the endless loop repeating the same routine day after day, and found themselves in the solitary and forlorn scenario confront with the silence and indifference of the world. However, the reason why Camus proposed “the absurdity” is not purely pessimistic. By contrast, it encourages us to strive for finding our values even facing the absurd world. Therefore, that’s the reason why “The Stanger”, masterpiece written by Camus, has inspired many individuals who craves to find their own values of existence through many generations. Meursault, the main character which represents the so-called “stranger” throughout this novel, is the reflection and shadow of people’s chaotic and lonesome situation. Meursault refused to satisfy the feeling of others by giving answers or replies that abide others’ will meanwhile finding his own answers toward the relationship between internal affection and external world. As a result, Meursault the stranger which created by Camus thus transformed himself into an antagonist and also an antihero who rebels the absurdity and “The Stranger” was reckoned as the representative work of existentialism in literature and philosophy. By analysing the elements of absurdity and tragic antagonism of modern antihero Meursault in the classic masterpiece “The Stranger, general readers can better grasp the representative ideas of existentialism. Moreover, to even take some times pondering our...
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