An Angel Investor with an Agenda

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Decision making Pages: 6 (2287 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Dilemma Faced

In this case study, Gloria Londono, a health care entrepreneur and owner of several eldercare centres, Calidad de Vida as it is called, has a cloud of dilemmas hovering on her mind. Victor Serna, an angel investor, has offered her three million euros as an investment in her company. However, Victor does not prefer franchising and had informed Gloria that he would rather she open up new centres with direct ownership and control. On top of that, he is demanding for a twenty-five per cent stake, a board seat with voting rights on all strategic decisions and the option of liquidating his position in the short term future of five years either through a public offering or a sale. Given this option of more funding, as such, the dilemmas that Gloria is facing are how she would grow her company and whether or not she should grow her company. Part of the dilemma is that she is thinking of how she should grow the business, whether she should continue with the present model, which is franchising, and grow in a slower pace or should she just accept the money offered and open up a chain of eldercare centres with better control and direct ownership? It is not that Gloria is in financial difficulties but contrary to that, her franchising business is doing well albeit at a slower pace than she would have preferred. However, the only issue she faces is maintaining quality and uniformity in all the centres. With the windfall of 3 million euros, she would be able to turn the company around for better growth opportunities, but, at the expense of the level of involvement of her friends and families who has invested with her so far. What is the best thing for her to do? In order to address these dilemmas and for Gloria to become a seeing, talking practitioner, we need to identify the key stakeholders. A good seeing, talking practitioner is someone who is able to immediately identify moral issues, able to understand and differentiate the moral dimensions in various situations and clearly acknowledges the importance of having an open ethical dimension to communication. It also involves having moral courage to say no when asked to do something that is unethical and moral imagination to see things outside the box, foreseeing moral alternatives that others do not (Drumwright and Murphy 2004).

S - Seeing

Based on the case, the key stakeholders are the owner, Gloria Londono, the angel investor, Victor Serna, the Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Hernandez, the Deputy Director, Diana Correa, eldercare patients and their family members.

For Gloria, as mentioned in the case, she places high importance on the four core value system namely honesty, enthusiasm, transparency and search for a common good. This is in line with virtue ethics. With these value systems that she has in place, she has managed to translate these virtue ethics into standard operating rules and core values for the organization to abide by and to remind them of her points, she made all the employees carry a small card that has the rules and values with them. She has also come up with the golden rules for all her employees that state that family members of clients are to be considered as clients too. Based on this perspective, Gloria has embraced the non-consequentialism approach which consists of virtue ethics and the deontological perspectives as held by Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804).

As for the case of the angel investor, Victor, his ethical perspectives and views were not clearly stated. Based on the assumption that he is demanding for a twenty five per cent stake and wanting to cash out within five years, it can be shown that he is looking at the cost-benefit analysis, which is related to the utilitarianism perspective. He can also be considered as having the libertarianism perspective as he is free to decide if he wants to invest in the company or not, so long that he does not bring about any harm to anyone else. As it is, he is already investing in...
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