An Analysis Paper: the Character of Edward Cullen from Twilight

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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English 151
25 March, 2010

Edward Cullen

Who is Edward Cullen? He is an amazing character in Twilight. Twilight is a book that includes a well known knowledge of good and evil. It is the true meaning of “I’d rather die than be without you.” The novel is based on secrets and love that collide with hatred and enemies. In this interesting book Edward is a different kind of person. He is the kind of person that has love and compassion in his life but he could destroy everything he created with one mistake. Edward deals with the challenges of balancing his life in a difficult kind of world.

Edward has pale white skin, dark bronze colored hair; his eyes are in a light brown shade that can change color. He is tall and kind of skinny; he always wears jeans with a fitting shirt and a nice jacket. A small town by the name of Forks, which was in the state of Washington, is where he lives. The sun is always hiding behind what always seemed to be a cloudy sky. The rain comes and goes as the cold continues to stay in this small town. The house that Edward lives in is very big and beautiful; he is always there or in the huge forest that is located right behind his house when he is not at school. His home is the only place he feels he does not have to hide or try to be someone that he is not. He is always near what was now called his family; he felt safe with them by his side. Edward is a seventeen year old young man and he has been ever since his life was changed. The pain he suffered from makes him who he is today. He was practically dead when someone by the name of Carlisle came and saved his life, but once he was saved he was not normal. He is what people call a “vampire.” His family has all been human at one point in their life just like him. He is not like anyone of his kind; he is incredibly strong, very fast, can read anyone’s mind except Bella’s (his girlfriend), and he has a strong sense of smell. Who is this Bella? She is the only weakness involved in...
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