An Analysis on the Effectiveness of Malaysia Current Recycling Campaign.

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  • Published: November 6, 2008
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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Macmillan English Dictionary defines recycling as “the process of treating waste materials such as newspaper and bottles so that they can be used again”. Beside paper and bottles there have lots of recyclable items such as aluminum cans, scrap metals, plastic and printer cartridges. Recycling saves energy and reduces pollution and would help slow down global climate change.

The history of recycling is started nearly 4000 years ago, there was a recovery and reuse system of bronze scrap in operation in Europe and there is evidence that composting was carried out in China. In 1898, The Association of Cleansing Superintendents is established, which today has evolved into the Institute of Wastes Management. While in 1921, The British Waste Paper Association is established to help develop the trade in waste paper for recycling (Waste Online).

The origins of the three arrows of recycling are created in first Earth Day in April, 1970. The Container Corporation of American (CCA), a paperboard company knowing that paper product recycling was an effective method of conserving natural resources. Hence, CCA planned and promote awareness by sponsored a nationwide art contest for a design that would help identify the company's products that were manufactured using content that was recycled or recyclable. The winning symbol is created by Gary Dean Anderson's design which he drew heavily on influences from the ‘Mobius Strip’ made famous by artist, M.C. Escher (Bates, D B 2008). Since then, the three arrows of recycling symbol is widely use on recyclable products until nowadays.

In Malaysia, 15,000 tons of rubbish collected daily which will take only 9.6 days to fill up the Petronas Twin Towers with garbage. Besides that, recycling can help the government to save RM90 million from the entire cost of handling solid waste per year (Malaysia Official Recycling Website). Hence, Malaysia government carry on various ways to motivate Malaysia...
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