An Analysis on the 100th Year Tv Commercial of Coca-Cola and Its Effects on Consumer’s Buying Behavior

Topics: Marketing, Coca-Cola, Television advertisement Pages: 25 (7740 words) Published: December 6, 2012

First of all we would like to show our gratefulness to the ALMIGHTY GOD who gives us the knowledge and strength to accomplish this research. To him we prayed sincerely that this research will have a positive result and will benefit anyone that will be able to read this. Second are the people who helped us to finish this Market Research especially to our parents who have always been there all the way supporting us morally and financially. Also, to each member of the group for their time, effort, cooperation and patience in doing this research. Without them this research wouldn’t be possible. And last but not the least; we would like to extend our gratitude to our cherished Professor Joey P. Tem for the encouragements, guidance, support, knowledge and patience that he provided us while in the process of completing this research.

The researchers conducted a research regarding the analysis on the 100TH year TV commercial of Coca-Cola and its effects on the buying behaviour of the Marketing Management students from Far Eastern University. To be able to determine to the demographic profile of the respondents, to be able to determine the concerns of the respondents who have watched the 100th year TV commercial of Coca-Cola, to be able to determine the significant difference in the concerns of the respondents who have watched the 100th year TV commercial of Coca-Cola.

To accomplish these objectives, a survey was conducted to 145 Marketing Management students of Far Eastern University.
The respondents were given a structured questionnaire that is designed to respond to the research paper’s objectives. The questionnaire is validated by the research adviser who has a broad knowledge in conducting a research; it is administered to improve the quality of the measuring instrument. The resulting data is edited, manually computed by the researchers in order to provide a sufficient set of tables for the research. The tables is consists of the number of respondents and percentages by response to each question and chi-square analysis and cross-tabulation of the data by Marketing Management students to identify the differences in response patterns to the questions in the survey form. The result of the study stated that the respondents agreed on the social, emotional and moral factors affecting their buying behavior. And because of this study the researcher discovered that there is no significant difference in the factors affecting the buying behavior of the respondents who have watched the 100th TV commercial of Coca-Cola in terms of age, gender, year level and daily allowance. The researchers recommend the Marketing Management students to read this research for them to be aware on the effects of the TV commercials when it comes to their buying behaviour.



Coca-Cola Company is an international brand which is established for 125 years today. In line with this they already reached the Philippines, and are now celebrating their 100th year of giving happiness to their customers. They launched a President of Happiness who is “Caloy”. He is the symbol of “Open Coca-Cola, Open Happiness”. In line with their 100th year celebration, Coca-Cola conducted some events to “share happiness” such as promos wherein consumers can win money, package trip or house and lots. Another is their Concert ng Bayan in which according to Guillermo Aponte, “The Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan is our gift to the Filipino teens whose positive spirit, refreshing creativity and passion for happiness have always been indestructible. In tandem with our Coca-Cola Happiness President Caloy, they have made this historic event possible. In this epic year, we are all-out in giving the whole nation more and more reasons to be happy. The last 100 years would not have been a...
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