An Analysis on Dashboard by Modest Mouse

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Analysis on Modest Mouse – Dashboard

When you initially hear a song it is often difficult to understand the meaning of the song, and even in some cases the lyrics. This is where music videos can be very helpful. They put a story line with the lyrics. This allows the viewer to understand it much better. However, this was not always the case, as televisions have not always existed. It was a long time after the television had gained popularity that MTV came along, and MTV in turn was responsible for creating music videos. As television was a visual medium, it would thus require something to view. This resulted in the music video, which led many different artists to fame. One artist who has used music videos as advertisement was Modest Mouse, more specifically their song Dashboard.

The music video opens up to a bar that is in a sea-faring city. There is a group of fishermen telling tales, and one mentions a very large fish he saw. Upon hearing this, a man that entered the bar tells his story of how he pursued the fish, and it eventually bites off his hand. As he is telling the story the video takes us along on his journey. In the first scene he is sailing out into the middle of the ocean and is thrown around by a huge storm. Following this he is standing on the bow of his ship scanning the horizon, giving the sense that he had gotten lost by the large storm. When he is on top of his ship he sees the giant fish that he had evidently been searching for. He gets out a fishing pole and starts fishing, but does not have luck for a long time. He begins keeping a journal, and we discover that it is day 66 and he finally gets a bite. The giant fish then pulls his boat to a ship graveyard, showing that the skipper was not the first one to pursue the fish. This is where the sailor wrestles the fish to try and capture it, but in turn gets his arm eaten by the fish. The sailor blacks out and wakes up being rescued by a group of people who seem to have erected sculptures...