An Analysis of Wipro Company

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  • Published: December 23, 2012
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An Analysis of Wipro Company

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Current rank of company vs last year rank

Current year rank of Wipro is 2
Last Year rank of Wipro is 1
Wipro saw continued improvement in revenue productivity both in offshore and onsite, strong cash flow management, and 21% increase in IT services revenue. Nearly 46% of the revenue came in from fixed price projects. The following figure indicates the generation of revenue from domestic and overseas market.

Business Group Of Company
Wipro Limited (formerly Western India Products Limited) is an Indian multinational provider of Information technology (IT) services, consulting and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. As of 2012, the company has over 130,000 employees and a worldwide presence with global centres across 54 countries. The company operates in four segments: IT products and services, Consumer care and lighting, Healthcare and Infrastructure engineering. Business Divisions of Wipro

Wipro IT
Wipro Technologies, the global IT business of Wipro Limited is a leading Information Technology, consulting and outsourcing company with a comprehensive portfolio of services and an organization wide commitment to sustainability and innovation. The IT Products segment sells a range of Wipro personal desktop computers, Wipro servers and Wipro notebooks. It is also a value added reseller of desktops, servers, notebooks, storage products, networking solutions and packaged software for international brands. Wipro entered into the technology business in 1981 and has over 130,000 employees and clients across 54 countries today. IT revenues stood at $ 5.9 billion for the year ended March 31, 2012 with a repeat business ratio of over 95%. Wipro Technologies enables clients to respond and change according to business needs, to...
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