An Analysis of Upgrading the Structure of Electronic Information Industry in Fujian

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An Analysis of Upgrading the Structure of Electronic information industry in Fujian Abstract:In recent years, under the impact of global financial crisis, the foreign trade of Fujian Province characterized with export-oriented economy was impacted seriously, especially in Electronic information industry . In order to guide Electronic information industry out of economic trouble,this paper is going to advance some suggestions by upgrading the Industrial Structure in three means, that is, developing innovative technology, support of financing and policy ,and expanding sales channels. In this way, we can develop a competitive advantage and achieve sustainable development in the long run. Key words:Global value chain ,Industry train,Smiling Curve,Industrial upgrading in Electronic information industry 1. Current situation of Electronic information industry in Fujian Province 1.1The rapid development of Electronic information industry

Electronic information industry becomes one of the three leading industries, sales revenue of which reaches over 500 billion yuan, with the added value 2000 million accounting for 11% share of the province's GDP. (1) One of the main accounts of its rapid growth contains the integration of global economy and international division of labor. With the purpose of reducing cost and optimize profitability , multinational companies tend to transfer the production, processing and distribution of their products into developing countries by offering the support of technology and financial investment. This process can be seen as the application of Industry chain .Value chain and Smiling curve. The firs one shows an intrinsic connection within a business group structure, helping to confirm the objective basis of international division of labor. The second one proposed by Michael Porter indicates that added value is created in every activity of a chain in order.(2) Although any or all of these...
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