An Analysis of the Writing Center

Topics: Marketing, Viral marketing, Word of mouth Pages: 6 (2094 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Writing Center Woes 1

Writing Center Woes
Lesley R Taylor Moore
BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology
Ashford University
Week 6
Dr. Charles Nichols
October 3, 2011
Writing Center Woes 2
When writing for school projects whether for a presentation to just too simply fulfill a requirement for the class one must utilize all avenues and resources to ensure the paper is well written and executed according to the guidelines of the school as well as the instructor. During this course, I chose to do a little research and analysis on Ashford University’s writing Center. In my reviewing of the writing center, I did find that it was very well put together however it was not very user friendly. I tried several times to use the writing center and keeping in mind that I have never written in APA style before. Considering that this is the required method for the Masters program, I started out at the gate with a “handicap”. In my dealings with my classmates the feature from their perspective was given rave reviews, even I gave it a good review until I really had to utilize it further into the course. I didn’t find that it was as useful for me as I thought it would be, I didn’t expect it to do the work for me but my expectation was preconceived and obviously incorrect. I expected to be able to have my paper written and should I have an issue of knowing where to place the citations within the paper the writing center would be able to assist with the situation. The sample papers were very well written but they were not a clear example of how to construct a paper and cite references in APA style.

Writing Center Woes 3 Solving the Problem
To assist me with a way to resolve my issue with the writing center, I consulted the materials from the course and with that being said knowing how my mind works I wanted to ensure that the chosen model would not only provide a solution and accurate results but would also give a clear, concise and diplomatic analysis. To solve the problem and get the results that would not only help me in the future but also make the writing center better for the next person, the process model with its three principle elements of the decision making process seen below:

1. Finding occasions for making the decision;
2. Finding possible courses of action; and
3. Choosing courses of action
really works to give insight and critical confirmation to a tough situation which would be the deciding factor as to whether the writing center would continue to be a function that would prove to be a beneficial asset to Ashford University. (Harrison, 1998, p31)

The concept of the writing center realistically is to aid and assist with betterment of the student’s writing in direct connection to the courses being taken. While its concept in my opinion is indeed fabulous, regardless of how fabulous a product is, if it is not beneficial to all those that come across it then it is not an effective product. The describes the concept very well. It states that “writing centers exist in a variety of shapes, sizes and settings; they are typically part of a writing program or learning center and serves the entire school, both at the secondary and college levels. (Harris, 1988) They specify that most centers offer pretty much the same services which Writing Center Woes 4 again in my opinion is wonderful and maybe I am a person that is very specific in what I expect out of a program which brings me to this question “if majority of educational institutions offer a writing center, what would be the one thing that is needed to set them apart from each other?” I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2003 and I have seen our version of writing center come a long way. It is called the ‘Learning Center” and...
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