An Analysis of the Social Conflicts

Topics: Fiction, Novel, Sociology Pages: 54 (18895 words) Published: April 10, 2012

As a part of the oldest literature work novel has been influencing human being life Over centuries, though novel is somewhat different in form compare with other literature works such as poems and lyric which is regarded as the oldest literature work and it’s proven by historical research that the first human civilization had been used literary work as a part of existence it is also said that a holy books is also a literary work but they have a lot of things in common instead that novel is distinguish in length and some systematical writing technique but the rest are remain the same the use of various semantics and dictions are quiet the same while others literature work poems for instance is relatively short in form , novel is rather complicated it consist of the kind of story (genre), plot and some other requirement that support it to be fully literary work that can be excepted by the reader and arbitrary admitted by author experts. Here, writer is analyzing a mystery novel titled “Moonlight becomes you” one of fiction novel written by Mary Higgins Clark, an interesting novel with a mysterious hidden conflict which attract the reader with it’s tense of curiosity that lead the reader into the ultimate reading experience especially the one who really love this queen of novel genre. The writer tried to give the clearest explanation of analysis to give a better understanding to the reader. The basis of the writer thought to come into a decision to choose the novel Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark as the subject of literary analysis because of the strength of the story that contains that Mary Higgins Clark offered in this novel , it drawn writers intention to explore and elaborate social conflict in the novel “Moonlight becomes you” comprehensively , in Moonlight becomes you Mary Higgins Clark creates a wide range of characters that open a large social interaction among all characters in the story and it is also carried a random suspense which is considerably the core of the mystery novel , broadly the social conflict in the novel Moonlight becomes you is centralized on the main characters “Maggie Halloway “ relate to her social relationship with others supporting characters , Marry Higgins Clark give her best to convey a mystery sense of writing style raising the tense of the conflict from the early start of the story. This impressive novel by Mary Higgins Clark really caught the writer in the eyes , the way she creatively increases the tense of the story , giving a relational hints that leads the readers into a branching conclusion , make this novel “Moonlight Becomes You” an interesting written work to be read till the last pages. As the genre of mystery novel has been influencing others creative work , such as movie, it is also grows the writers willingness to understand and explore the novel as the field of my literature thesis, it is a great experience digging up the entire component of the novel especially to analyze the social conflict on the story .it is open the writer point of view dealing with the sense of making a novel and get a better understanding about the way a professional writer develop a tense, drama and mysterious hints to make the novel more interesting and to make the reader more suspicious on making their conclusion before their finish reading this novel. Briefly say, for the writer the work of Mary Higgins Clark, Moonlight Becomes You is an inspiring novel and deserve to be examine and to be explore by the writer. The writer has been following the news regards to the work of Mary Higgins Clark by read some opens source information and this author is declare as the queen of the suspense and mystery writer, her work has been admires by lot of fan and collogue for years . Although there were some others fiction work but seems that the mystery genre that attract the writer to be chosen. In the hope that this analysis will bring the benefits to all even...
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