An Analysis of The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart by Lucy Cross

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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“The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart” by Lucy Cross
I am about to analyze Lucy Cross’s story “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart”. First, I would like to start the show with a Character Sketch of Lucy Cook and her friend Bethan, followed by a look at the title of the text. Then I would like to share my thoughts on different symbols I think is very important. In the end, I would like to tell you my opinion about the theme and message of this text and compare it to “The Breakfast Club” and “The Body”.

Lucy Cook is the narrator in the story. She is a typical “good girl” stereotype. She always makes her homework, and she normally never does anything wrong. However, she is very unsecure about who she really is. Mr. Paterson, the teacher, is very surprised, when he discovers, that the great student he used to teach, apparently had teased poor Penny Jones. Lucy is under demand of her friend Bethan. She is scared of her, and she really does not know how to react, when Bethan is around – but at the same time, she is protecting her, as if she loved her. Normally, Penny Jones and Lucy were very good friend, but Bethan is forcing Lucy to do hit Penny. She really does not want to hit or harm Penny, but she is doing it, because she, at the same time, wants to be friend with to respected and cool girl, Bethan. Bethan is the minor character but also the antagonist in the story. She is the typical “bad-girl-trouble-maker” stereotype, and she knows it. Lucy’s mom is describing her as being common, because she is wearing slutty cloth and “adult”-makeup. Bethan is clearly not an A-student, because she has been in detention many times before. Bethan is controlling Lucy. She is demanding her to do things, she normally would not do, but because Bethan is so powerful, she can control her. Bethan is the complete opposite of Lucy. You can compare Bethan to John Bender from the Breakfast Club. He is also insecure about himself, and is using that as a weapon against everybody else. He is not...
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