An Analysis of the Signalman by Charles Dickens

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Diary Entry #192
April 23rd 1865

This experience has been one of the most outlandish and eerie that one could of imagined. Most things in life can be explained rationally and with little thought to the reason or logic behind them, however what I have experienced is quite the conflicting to what I would usually be inclined to think. There must be some type of phenomenon that makes one feel as though one has left the natural world. These occurrences leave no room for logic, rationalization or justification.

They are the supernatural elements that seem to exist within the realm of the natural; my poor fellow the subject of such an occurrence was distraught, confused and anxious it is his death that has kept me awake at night thinking of the illogical proceedings that are alleged and rumoured but are often dismissed in this day of scientific breakthrough and innovation.

But one can’t help but wonder, what if? He was an experienced gentleman of his kind, no man in England new his work better but yet he was cut down by one of the very locomotive’s he spent the majority of his life watching, directing and usually observing. The events of what he described to me, the tragedy’s that happened on the line when he apparently saw this spectre are unlikely to be fallacious or fictitious, he generally believed.

I for one now longer unable to deny the existents of forces that are not of this world, at least the world that is known. My fellow who met his end was a level-headed and even handed man, he taught himself a language and also worked at fractions and decimals and tried algebra, a former student of natural philosophy. His accounts would not have been made without his clear knowing that what he saw, heard and felt was not mistaken.

This however will not deter me from reasoning and thinking rationally, I will make due note that there is another ‘force’ that inhabits this earthly world of ours and make due that not all is what it seems to be, unfortunately...
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