An Analysis of The Power to See Ourselves

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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The text “The Power to see Ourselves” shows a critical breakdown of the importance of self-image and how managers change their self-concept and how they can develop and grow by passing through this process. When I read the text, there were many passages, in which I started thinking about how I fit to these statements and how I see myself in relation to these specific passages. Right at the outset, when the author clarifies his point - how we see ourselves and how we behave because of that – with the instances of two executives, I thought about the importance of the way how you make your point to other people. People will memorize many of your words and will form an opinion about you. If you ask me it is very important that you are confident concerning your behavior because only in this case you will be passed for confident by other people. That’s why I agree with the author that self-image is really important concerning the development of any person, especially managers. When I read the passage I also thought about the importance of thinking about the consequences of your behavior. Before a manager talks to his employees he should think about possible alternatives of their behavioral reaction on his speech. Only in that case he can make sure that they react in that way he wants them to react. Therefore he needs to know how they see him and furthermore he has to have a realistic self-image. That’s why I also agree with the author in that point, but I think he should have mentioned the thoughts about the consequences in detail. In addition I think the author is right concerning the conflict of self-concept. If I cogitate about situations in my life I sometimes victimized other people when I was in an unsatisfactory phase. In other words I took my mood out on them. Nevertheless I felt sad about that afterwards and changed my behavior and so my self-concept. An important point to me is self-expectation. In my opinion a person who has really high self-expectations...
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