An Analysis of the Passenger List for the 1607 Voyage to Jamestown

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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An Analysis of the Passenger List for the 1607 Voyage to Jamestown

The gender breakdown on the passenger list for the 1607 voyage to Jamestown is all men and a few boys and no women are on the passenger list. I am sure this was so because they planned for more settlers to come and they needed to establish the colony. There were four boys (boyes) the list mentions but it gives no age but if I had to guess they would be the closest to children if there were any. The main profession represented in the list is Gentlemen. Gentlemen back in that time were usually men of upper middle class who were entitled to display arms. A Gentleman sometimes had laborers work for them. They were usually adventurers and most hoped to build estates in the New World. The second profession represented on the list was Laborers (Labourers). Laborers worked for their Gentlemen masters and they would grow, build houses and do others essential tasks for their masters. Some professions not listed on the passengers list that I think would be crucial to see on a maiden voyage to the New World would be farmers, cooks, woodsmen, and maybe men who were career soldiers. What the passengers thought would be their opportunities open to them in the New World would be ones of starting out new and establishing a name for themselves. I also believe that many of them came for a number of different reasons. Take the Gentlemen for instance; I believe they came to seek fortune and to claim a stake in the New World. This I know because it has been recorded in many texts I have read. Others of no providence I believe came because they believed their statues would never change back home or they were running from something. Those that were a part of the counsel and some of the gentlemen came because they were instructed to do so by King James I and most were entrepreneurs. He instructed them to settle Virginia, find gold, and seek a water route to the Asia. Based on the type of people who made the voyage I...
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