An Analysis of the Events Industry in Brazil: How Government Policies Coupled with Exponential Growth Influence Competition.

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Assignment Module: Emerging Themes

An Analysis of the Events Industry in Brazil: How Government Policies coupled with Exponential Growth influence competition.

Submission Deadline: 25th May 2012


INTRODUCTION TASK 1 - THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK (520 words) 1.1 The Macro-Economic Theme: Exponential economic growth 1.2 The Meso Theme Identified 1.3 Literature Review


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TASK 2 - DISCUSSION PAPER (2362 words) Abstract Introduction Aims & Objectives Methodology Discussion & Conclusion Impact of the Macro Theme in the events industry Impact of Government Policies in the Events Market Competition Recommendations Requirements and Adaptations

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INTRODUCTION There are many factors in the macro-environment that will affect the decisions of the managers of an organisation. This document develops implications and opportunities of federal policies to achieve economic growth and the impact on the events industry in Brazil. However, in this paper it will be possible conferee extent topics of government policies, economic growth, competition and events industry allocated in literature reviewed published in articles, books, journal, article, experts forecast and renamed Brazilian websites such as association and governmental data base. In the process of evaluated this document will match the reviewed literature and marketing tools and techniques theories such as Porter’s 5 Forces, Porter`s Generic Strategy, Ansoff Matrix and PESTLE to calculate the consequences of macro and meso environments and how it will impact the events industry in 5 to 10 years and if they will present themselves as a risk or an opportunity for companies.

TASK 1: THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 1.1 The macro-economic theme: Government policies for economic growth in Brazil. Government policy turn to economic growth provide rising of buying power of the Brazilian companies consequently will impact on the income of events agencies. As a result is expected to growth opportunities in the market sector. The increased of budgets in the events industry intensifies the bargaining power of consumers thus rise the competitiveness among competitors therefore increased the investment in innovation and technology.

1.2 The Meso Theme Identified: Competition - Increased rivalry between competitors due a higher standard of opportunities in the events industry. The economic growth enlarge the possibility of buyer willingness to substitute the relative price and performance of substitutes made the decision for new agency easy, becoming even more difficult develop actions of client loyalty. The cost of items bought from suppliers has a significant impact on Events Company’s profitability. Based in that affirmative and in the Richard Gibbs and Dr Andrew Humphries is possible to sustain that competitive opportunities will be placed for those who analyse the threats and trends of the economic growth by changing government policies. The literature research and the marketing techniques utilized provide the affirmative that clients will increase the barging power compare with the business agent`s.


1.3 Literature Review
Title of Publication Type Credibility
Produced by GBN Global Business Network and The Rockefeller Foundation Written in 2010. Still contemporary

The document is based on creating narratives about the future based on factors. Organized and consistent. Has clearly undertaken research in scenario planning. Accurate and up to date.

Focuses in future orientation of technology in emerging economies Overview of technology for the next 15 to 20 years. Balance of actual vs future scenarios The paper obtains help from literature and recent competitiveness reports. Useful to provide background information for the chosen theme. Macro economic analysis.

Scenario for the Future of Technology and...
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