An Analysis of the Differences of Family Education Between China and America

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An Analysis of the Differences of Family Education Between China and America


Children are the hope of a nation, and family education is the elementary education for children. Many serious problems have appeared in our education system in recent years. Almost everyone has realized the importance of solving these problems and many people have presented a lot of valuable suggestions. There are many types of family education in the world and each of them shows distinctive features and is closely responsive to its culture. And American family education is the most famous one among them. There are great differences in the concepts of education, methods of education and results of education between American family education and Chinese family education. This paper will analyze those differences from the three aspects, and will mainly analyze of the differences on cultivating children’s independence, interests, creativity, psychological health, fame and the relationship with their parents between the two kinds of family education. The author hopes to find a satisfied family education method through comparing the differences between American family education and Chinese family education. At the same time, the author hopes this paper can provide some helpful suggestions for family education.

Key Words

Family education; independence; interest; differences

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“Children are the expectation of their parents and the hope of a nation. Family education is not only an important component of education but also the first lesson to a child, which will be remembered forever.” (Zhao Zhongxin, P1, 1991) Family education has a direct influence on the qualities of talents. In the 21st century, international competition is becoming fiercer. And it is a competition for talents fundamentally. Thus, each country should pay more attention to family education in the education projects. The issue has been becoming a hot topic in our country, and it aroused great concern of our government and all walks of society, in particular the education sector. However, many people think that schools and universities have the main responsibility for these problems which appeared in education in recent years. Schools and universities are to be blamed, but their parents are more to be blamed. “If the love of the good, the beauty and the truth had been implanted properly in their mind in early years, if they had been trained to use their minds at the very beginning, they would not live so foolishly.” (Karl Weter. P5, 2002) In order to find a better way to educate our children, we should study other countries’ experiences. There are many types of family education in the world, and American family education is the most famous one. So it is necessary and significant to make a comparison of the differences of family education between America and China. This paper is to comparing Chinese family education and American family education superficially, which may offer some lessons to family education.

I. Two Conceptions of Family Education

A. American Family Education
In America, parents’ aims are to train their children to have the ability of adapting to environmental variety and the ability of living independently. Based on this concept, most American parents emphasize more to train their children’s ability of independence once they are born. They generally believe that children’s growth must rely on their own experiences, because they think that children should form a self-supporting will and the capacity to live independently since their childhood. And the capacity comes from the...
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