An Analysis of the Culture of Apple Inc.

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  • Published : May 4, 2012
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Introduction : background and environment
By investigate the corporate culture of the Apple Inc, a US-based consumer Electronics Company which creates, design, produce, path-breaking and world-changing electronic products and systems, including Macintosh line of computers, iPhone, Ipad and OS X operation system. The Apple store also provides hardware and software product for customers around the world. Established since 1976, Apple Inc. has become the largest technology computer in the world according to Apple’s (2011) website. The goals of Apple Inc. are all aim to provide satisfaction of customers by reaching their high expectation to create product that exactly suitable for what they searching for. Apple Inc. is benefit from this as they gain profits from creating customer loyalty. At the same time, producing environmentally packaging of products to reduce the waste is how they take responsibility for public interests. Schein (1999) stated that cultures are patterns of interacting elements; if we don’t have a way of deciphering the patterns then we may not understand the cultures at all. By understanding Apple Inc. organization culture through a particular organization practice, we can match up the pieces of puzzle of culture in Apple Inc. These may also assist to reveal the successful reasons of why Apple Inc. have the most competitive advantages among the industry as they adopt the most comprehensive and proper cultural value in the company. A corporate culture takes years to evolve and extends to every business activity by influencing employees' perceptions, behavior, and work attitudes. When a particular corporate culture is formed, it is difficult to change. (Lal, 1995) Apple Inc. successfully created a unique culture as represented innovation and legendary electronic garget products and systems in public eyes. Inside the company, Apple Inc. is a learning organization that continuous improvement and innovation is their business goals. Leading by a very character leader, Steve Jobs, the corporate culture of Apple Inc. are mainly influence by this chairman. He is a relentless perfectionist to create products attract people in different culture no matter what perception they have. Apparently, the leader of Apple dominates the ideas of every major decision and influencing ideas of products, systems and operations. A strong leadership is dominating the whole culture in Apple. As every culture start from the assumptions of creator in a corporation, Apparently, paying attention to their corporate culture must through Steve Jobs, the soul of Apple Inc. as ideas related to their highly regard product generated from him. Analyze a particular practice within Apple Inc. by investigating on how they adopt Schein culture to make culture easily visible by the theoretical framework.

Introduction of the particular practice
In the summer of 2008, Apple launched the first generation of iPhone. An e-mail system also debuted which is called MobileMe had been debuted at the same time. Unfortunately, this system is not satisfied by the users as it failed at providing flawless synchronization features and always lost e-mails which are fatal weaknesses. Steve Jobs immediately summoned and blasted shortly after the launching party. According to (Adam, 2011), Steve job scolded the MobileMe team, “You’ve tarnished Apple's reputation," he told them. "You should hate each other for having let each other down." Most members in MobileMe later on dismissed and the other change MobileMe according to the demand of Steve. Later on, apple adjusted MobileMe and launch again but this system unable to attract customers. This can define Apple’s Inc. accountability is strictly enforced, decisions are swift, and communication is articulated clearly from the top. Currently, the MobileMe no longer accept new users and replaced by iCloud starting from 2011.

The reasons for using this theoretical framework
The reasons of...
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