An Analysis of the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics of Ipra and Cerp in Relation with That of Nipr

Topics: Public relations, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 10 (3316 words) Published: April 12, 2013

Professional code of conduct and ethics has come to stay with all professions who wish to promote healthy relationship and commitment of its member. These ethics and code of conducts help streamline the activities of members in the performance of their tasks. Public relations practice have over the years become an accepted human endeavour and the application of this code have become important. This work analyzes the code of professional conduct and ethics of International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and the Centre of European Des Relations Publiques (CERP) and compares them with that of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). It was however discovered that the code of NIPR is an adoption of that of the IPRA with slight modifications. The work recommends strict monitoring of public relations practitioners at all levels.


Public Relations practice worldwide is guided by a set of principles, rules and regulations which help its practitioners in the conduct of their day to day activities. The code of professional conduct and ethics of public relations practice worldwide clearly specifies the expectations of Public Relations practitioners in performing their duties. These expectations should be met with all sense of sincerity on the part of the practitioners and failure to comply with them will lead to sanctions.

The International Public Relations Association (IPRA), Centre for European des Relations Publiques (CERP), and Nigerian Institute of Public Relations are all guided by different codes of professional conduct and ethics which help members perform their task seamlessly. These codes also promote professionalism and recognize high standards and ethics among Public Relations practitioners. IPRA is an international body that regulates the practice of Public Relations worldwide while CERP is a regional organization under IPRA that coordinates public relations activities within European Countries. Other regional public relation organizations include; The Federation Interamericana de Associaiones de Relacions Publicas (FIARP). The Pan Pacific Public Relations Federation (PPPRF), and the African Public Relations Association (FAPRA). NIPR on the other hand is a national public association within the shores of Nigeria.

IPRA was formed in London in 1955 with 15 members in 5 countries though membership has grown in leaps and bounds spreading to well over 65 countries. Its headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland and is formally recognized by the United Nations and its members serve as consultants to the United Nations (UN) Economic and social council.

The first world Public Relation congress was held in Brussels in 1958 the second in 1961 held in Venice, Italy. The Second world congress adopted a code of professional conduct and ethics which is still in use till now.

The code was adopted in May 1961 and is binding on all members of the association. It is made up of four sections comprising; personal and professional integrity, conduct towards the public and the media, and conduct towards colleagues.

Each of the sections mentioned above treat different issues partitioning to the practice of Public Relations. First is the issue of personal integrity. It is expected the Public Relation practitioners maintain high moral standards and a sound reputation. They are to also observe the rules and obey the constitution of the IPRA.

Conduct towards clients and employers;
This entails the Public Relations practitioner being sincere in his dealings with employers. It is expected that the practitioners be truthful to the employers and shall not represented conflicting or competing interests without the consent of those concerned. It is also the duty of public relation practitioners to...
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