An Analysis of the Article, Reinventing Our Culture

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  • Published : April 14, 2008
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(1) Helen Zia, in the article, Reinventing Our Culture, quotes a hapa (mixed heritage Asian American): People say that were a cultural bridge, or the other extreme, that we represent cultural degeneracy and we will dilute the culture Which viewpoint do you support?

When the person explained that a person with a mixed heritage can be looked upon as a cultural bridge, or a representation of cultural degeneracy, I believe that they are a cultural bridge. I think that if more and more Asians became a half breed, than society may change their views on the model minority myth. Asians are a very diverse group and its frustrating how society stereotypes all Asians. If more inter-ethnic children were born a new perception of Asians could be formed. Also, the hapa could have the best of both of his/her parents culture. And by doing so society can become more and more familiar with Asian cultures. Yet, not only the Asian stereotype will be challenged, Asians will change their stereotypes and prejudices of other cultures. I think that hapas are helping people rethink their class biases and enrich the Asian American mix with a new understanding of ethnic and racial diversity. Asians are also guilty of discrimination. Most Asians have their perceptions of other cultures and have prejudices against them. If their son/daughter, grand daughter, grand son were a hapa, Asians too will learn about different cultures and therefore bridge the cultural gap between two races. By mixing ones heritage a person can still be taught their roots. Just because a person is not only one heritage, does not mean that he/she is diluting their culture. That person has two different cultures to embrace and learn about. With each generation Asians typically lose parts of their heritage. As a second generation Korean American I too am guilty of not knowing much about my cultural background. Just because a person is mixed does not mean that he/she can not learn about their culture.

(2) Name at...
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