An Analysis of the article of Columbus, the Indians and Human Progress by Howard Zinn

Topics: Historian, Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 4 (974 words) Published: December 2, 2012
In the article of Columbus, the Indians and Human Progress, Zinn writes on how he believes society learns the history of Columbus and his discoveries.

The writer suggests that even with the annihilation of human race, many see the success of progress and discovery. In the conclusion he also suggests that many people are telling the story of success and history through the leaders or conquerors eyes and not the minority. Zinn argues that today we read in history books what was discovered or heroic. What the history books don’t explain are the tears and blood shed or slavery that went into the process. Zinn mentions an author by the name of Samuel Morison, who briefly describes the killing and slavery. Morison even describes this time in history as a “complete genocide” but yet completely summarizes Columbus as having a “ superb faith in God and his most outstanding quality of great seamanship”. The only mention in the entire novel of there being bloodshed in the discovery by Columbus is that small couple of sentences. Morison only mentions the truth quickly and then continues with more important and better things. Some will always believe that there are two sides to every story. In this article Zinn is simply showing the opposite side of the story of Columbus and the discovery of the new World that society believes took place. This article is not a new discovery to the unknown tale. It is simply the other version of the story that had been suppressed. Zinn is simply bringing forth the victims and cruelties of our history. He is not only telling the history we all know, but he is revealing the dark side to it. He is simply proving that the casualties that were taken did not go without their fare share or fighting. They showed signs of resist while joining together and occasionally they won. On the other hand Zinn is ignoring the opposite side to this story. He is not completely looking at what good came out of these incidences. This history is what shapes...
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