An Analysis of Struggle

Topics: Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Los Angeles Police Department Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: March 2, 2013

In this chapter the writer would like to present the background of the study, the statement of problems, the objective of the study, scope and limitation, the purpose of the study, and also the definition of key terms. It is important to discuss, to make clear what actually the writer’s background conducting this research. 1.1 Background of Study Human beings expend great amounts of time and resources on creating and experiencing art and entertainment. Since people live is to have pleasure. They are trying to get pleasure trough everything that they can reach. And one of the pleasures that they can reach is by reading literature. According to Kennedy (1983: v), literature is a kind of art, usually written that offer pleasure and illumination. It means that trough literature people can get pleasure and understanding. In such way we can manage literature as a source of not only for pleasure but also for knowledge to solve problems in our life. Furthermore, literature can be classified into songs, films, plays, poems, short stories and novels. In this thesis the writer chooses one of the literary works that is film. According to Bazin (in Colman, 2009: 17), Film is a combination of quite disparate parts, expressions, technologies and events and produce a whole unit. From

this statement the writer chooses film as the subject of the study for some reasons. First, the expressions or acts of the actor can give the audience the real entertainment since it is acted by a lot of talented actor and actress. Second, the technologies (visual and sound effect) which are made by the film maker that support the background of film so that the story can make the audiences go and flow with its feeling of scared, angry, sad, excited, etc. Third, the events (the story of the film) which can be based on experience or phenomena or imagination can give the audience knowledge about life style, language, culture, illumination to solve problems and so on. In...
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