An Analysis of Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Tram Nguyen
Per 5
Siddhartha- Chapter 1 Journal

“These were Siddhartha's thoughts; this was his thirst, his sorrow" (Hesse 5). For the most part, I think the quote basically means deep inside Siddhartha mind is buried on the chain with sadness. Even he is perfect to everyone, there is still fire that strongly burning his mind about all the things that he suspected on. It is significant to the whole novel because before get to understanding Siddhartha, let’s just considered what he thinks. See if he is satisfied with what he already has or not? Or there are still things that concern to Siddhartha that we do not know. I selected this quote because I think knowing what a person is thinking is really important to understand that person. Conceiving person feelings will make us understand and sympathize with the characters in the story is told. As we read, we know that he gives people joy and made everyone happy. His words and actions make people love him even more. However, the innermost feeling of him made himself feel uncomfortable at all. Although he received much love from parents, friends, but it still not enough to make him feel bliss and forget the sorrow that he has containing long time ago. He still did not satisfy about his consciousness. He has a ton of questions that he can’t even find the answer. For example, he doubted a lot of things about Atman and he discovered that his intellect doesn’t explain to him anything about that. Finally, he realized that seeking for the answer isn’t a good idea and it will not help it at all because of wasting time. All of that bring him all suspicion and intricate cogitation.

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