An Analysis of Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

Topics: Twin, Family, No One Knows Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: December 31, 2012
By: Melissa De La Cruz

“The ploT / Summary”
The Blue Bloods are dealing with darker forces in this third volume of Melissa de la Cruz’s series. Most have completed their change into vampires, but they continue to train to hone their skills with The Committee. Some are even preparing for their Bonding. Still, the danger of the Silver Bloods lurks, and plenty of secrets are uncovered in REVELATIONS. Schuyler Van Alen now has to live with Charles Force, and twins Jack and Mimi. No one knows that Schuyler is secretly meeting Jack at one of the Force apartments, even as he plans his Bonding with Mimi. Mimi knows something is up, so she follows Jack and discovers his secret. She continues to try to make life difficult for Schuyler, when she has time in between Bonding dress fittings. But Jack and Schuyler contemplate what would happen if they defied the sacred traditions and continued seeing each other. Schuyler has made Oliver her Familiar in addition to being her Conduit, and now he can never love another. She knows that whichever love she chooses will have serious consequences. Bliss has told no one about seeing Dylan, because she’s torn between fear and love for him. She is forced to act when he attacks Schuyler and helps turn him over to a therapy center for Blue Bloods. It’s unclear if he’d been taken over by Silver Bloods, or if he’s actually the one who has committed murder. In the meantime, her sister Jordan is acting very strangely. Jordan has always been ignored by Bliss’s father and stepmother; now family secrets come to a head, leaving the family shattered. As the youngest member of the Conclave, Mimi is also busy trying to figure out what is happening with the Blue Bloods worldwide, as danger seems pressing from the Silver Bloods. She learns that suspicious Kingsley is now a member and knows that Schuyler’s grandfather, Lawrence, is keeping things from the group. Lawrence must go to Rio de...
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