An Analysis of Popular Culture’s Depiction of Gender Roles

Topics: Mona Lisa Smile, Gender equality, Feminism Pages: 9 (2843 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Mona Lisa’s Smile

An Analysis of Popular Culture’s Depiction of Gender Roles


Julia Roberts’s movies in general, seem to hate men. In a real way, her pictures are as objectionable as these movies are regularly pilloried for the objectification of women, functioning as something reactionary version of feminism, which tends to denigrate the opposite sex as the only means of achieving gender equality. The big secret of such films as Mona Lisa Smile is that they are no big-budget Hollywood movie scene mocked the perfect piece of his audience how frivolous, predictable, thematically and reprehensible. As Mona Lisa Smile so much baby formula is difficult to muster much energy in condemning the film itself - by it, in the end, it's pretty well established and well executed. But as a symptom that the surface of social desire to surface uplift and consolation of negative stereotypes, smooth coating for this bitter pill deserves some extent, a deep aversion.

We are in the 50s in a prestigious women's university campus, where she obtained a post as teacher of history of art professor Katherine Watson Interpret the young Julia Roberts.

With a very particular approach to teaching and innovative patterns away from rote learning Katherine tries to bring a wave of innovation among her students.

To be the first class is not necessary to have read and learned by heart all the texts of the subject, but you have to run the brain learn to think with your head, but also with emotions, because yes, a work of art You can also read through the eyes of the heart.

If at first glance the class will react angrily to this new methodology, over time the girls start to appreciate what the teacher tried to convey them beyond the usual concepts of academic teaching corny.

Ample space is left then to the personal stories of young students, are the years when girls' education is a right granted to a few and then do those few precious treasure of the opportunity given her to break free from patterns of a male-dominated society.

Most of the protagonists see as an essential goal of life, marriage, Professor Watson try to open their horizons and help them to believe in themselves and gain hope for a better future before it starts all their capabilities. Marriage will always be the culmination of a dream of love, but not a dream of glory.

To encourage one of her students to soar says she can be both a wife and a good lawyer.

Clearly in an environment bourgeois mock right-thinking American college as a noble of the '50s, a person of this caliber takes to become a little uncomfortable and Katherine will have to deal with different education barons cast.

The either / or proposed: either changes the method of teaching or your assignment will not be reappointed.

We can imagine making a choice her figure, but in the minds and hearts of young girls of Wellesley will remain the valuable lessons of this woman with whom they have done a little 'street.

The film, directed by Mike Nevell known for the success of the bittersweet comedy "Four Weddings and a Funeral ", was inspired by a true story. In some nuances reminiscent 'the parable of the other film that has enchanted generations of children around the world, "Dead Poets Society", declined by a slightly more feminine perspective.

But the message always remains the same: "Not all those who wander are aimless, especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond appearances."

The film is set in America in 1953; the background is a prestigious university for women. The protagonist is a teacher of art history at her first job in this institution, very traditional, while she is "subversive." Our "champion of women's emancipation" would "teach her students to think for them, to be realized in a world that gives them only the role of housewife...
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