An Analysis of Marketing Strategies in the Automotive and Drink Industries

Topics: Marketing, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: March 26, 2011
This essay inquires influences of marketing on market coverage of company. Companies in same market producing nearly same goods may have different market rate. It means there is a function aside from output which affects this rate. Marketing strategy is argued as this function in this essay. For this purpose, relevant definitions will be done. In addition, brands producing same products in drink and automobile industry will be indicated, respectively.

AN ANALYSIS OF MARKETING STRATEGIES IN THE AUTOMOTIVE AND DRINK INDUSTRIES Nowadays, most companies try to strengthen their marketing department and marketing strategies in contemplation of significant impact of marketing on products sales. Marketing strategy involves promotion, pricing, intended achievements, determining target market, product development and distribution (“businessdictionary”, n.d.). Companies struggle to enlarge the number of their customers, because it is considered that marketing strategy designates the market coverage of company in spite of same facilities in sector.

In this essay, the ability of marketing to enrich market coverage will be inspected by analysing two industries with examples of rival brands which have same or similar product and facilities. However they have completely different marketing strategies as diversity. In other words, similar goods of brands can have various market share rates and this essay will focus on impressions of marketing strategy on this.

First of all, the drink industry, which is an important arm of market, might be handled to investigate marketing effect. It might be said that there is a big competition in drink industry, because it includes several rival brands which makes it difficult to have sufficient profit in this sector although there is a wide market target. Because of this reason, brands try to raise awareness among consumers. Marketing might be said to have important role to acquire this difference over rivals which have...
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